Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Pricing, Reporting, Cancellation and Refund Policy

When you use our Services, you will also be subject to the terms established out in this Pricing, Reporting, Cancellation and Refund Policy sideways with the Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy.

Pricing and Availability:

The prices stated for all the tests listed on the Website and/or the Mobile App at the time of selecting the test will be the prices charged on the date of the service provided. We may at our sole discretion also offer products at a reduced price for a limited period on the Services. All prices are inclusive of GST except stated otherwise.
We list availability information for services sold by us on the Website and/or the Mobile App, including on each test data page. However, there may be conditions where any of the tests you select turns out unobtainable. We will inform you by email or SMS at the time of visit for the blood sample collection if any tests you book turn out to be unavailable.
Please note that home visit appointment approximations are just approximations, and actual time taken for home visit of the services may vary.

Pathology Services:

Curol Pathology Private Limited currently offers two modes of delivery for purchases made on its Services.

Home Visit:

Please note that for all home visits, Curol Pathology Private Limited will not charge a delivery payment. But in case the visit address is more than 5km from the nearest lab location then it will be chargeable. This visit payment will be added to the billed amount at the time of checkout, while placing the order online.
• In case there is a delay in visit – either due to Curol Pathology Private Limited own internal reasons or due to your absence – Curol Pathology Private Limited is not obligated to reimburse you for the inconvenience. You are accountable to pay the entire amount of the order before or at the time of visit.

  • For Cash On Delivery, if you choose to pay by a credit/debit card at the time of delivery, Curol Pathology Private Limited will make its best efforts to accept the order amount through a card swipe machine. in the event the machine doesn’t work, you are required to make the payment by cash. You agree to not delay payment or seek further time to make the payment once the visit is done.
    • Curol Pathology Private Limited reserves the individual right to compensate you for any inconvenience caused. A decision to compensate you for any inconvenience is at the sole discretion of Curol Pathology Private Limited and could happen only through digital payments. Any compensation paid by Curol Pathology Private Limited will be a separate transaction done through a digital payment transfer. You cannot deduct any agreed compensation amount from the order amount.
    • You agree to pay the entire order amount (net of any cancellation) in full at or before the time of visit. Exceptions cannot be made in any situation.

Blood collection at Lab:

You can avail your pathology services from Curol lab as per your suitability. There are no additional charges for blood samples collection Curol Pathology Private Limited any lab.

Tentative Time for Visit/Reporting:

The typical time that is essential to process is 24 hours from receiving the booking online. Please note all services will be with an invoice stating the price. There is no certain report dispatch time and any data about the dispatch time is an approximation only and should not be relied upon as such. Therefore, time is not the core of the bi-partite contract between you and Curol Pathology Private Limited for the purchase and sale of visits through the Services.
If you frequent Curol Pathology Private Limited Lab, we boost you and provide you extra discounts. Curol Pathology Private Limited shall charge a fee for visit, if required. If you believe that the reports you received are not in good condition, or if the value is fiddled with or damaged, please contact us immediately. In case you find an issue with the reporting you should immediately contact us and your refund will be processed as per refund policy.

Curol Pathology Private Limited will make its best efforts to service all visits precisely and on time. if in certain pressing situations we are unable to fulfill an order we will not recompense you for the delay.
Payment: The Visit for blood sample collection shall not be delivered to you unless you make the payment of the purchase of the services. In making available any of the payment methods on the Services, Curol Pathology Private Limited will not be responsible or undertake any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly because of:

  1. Lack of approval for any transaction/s, or
  2. Exceeding the present limit offered by participating banks, or
  3. Any payment failure arising out of the transaction, or
  4. Decline of transaction for any other reason/s

Refund and Return
Services purchased through our site can be cencelled for a refund at any Curol Pathology Private Limited within 12 hours from the date of the invoice provided:

Please Note:
Curol Pathology Private Limited will refund you through the same payment method that was used to purchase the services online. Refunds for services that were purchased online using credit cards/Debit Cards/Internet Banking will be credited back to the respective account. Similarly, refunds for services purchased through Cash (Cash on Delivery) will be made in cash.
Curol Pathology Private Limited shall not be held liable either directly or indirectly for the superiority of any Services
In the event of any disputes in this regard, the same shall be referred to courts of competent jurisdiction at Mumbai.
Curol Pathology Private Limited reserves the right to modify or adjust any of the terms and conditions of this Policy without assigning any reason or providing a warning whatsoever. Curol Pathology Private Limited decision on the above would be final and you shall abide by the same unconditionally.