What do diagnostic exams entail? Diagnostic Center In Dombivli
Any medical test used to identify a condition, disease, or ailment in patients exhibiting a certain set of symptoms is referred to as a diagnostic test. Dengue Test Center In Dombivli

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How are diagnostic tests carried out?
Both invasive and non-invasive diagnostic tests are available. Non-invasive procedures don’t involve penetrating the skin or entering the body, whereas invasive procedures may do both.

What kinds of tests are diagnostic ones?
A biopsy is the removal of a sample of tissue for testing.
A tube is introduced into the anus to see the bowel during a colonoscopy.
X-rays are used in a CT scan to produce precise images of the inside of your body.
Testing your hearing while wearing headphones and responding to sounds of various volumes
Ultrasound uses sound waves applied to your body to create real-time images of the inside of your body.
a blood test.

Dengue Fever Test:

What is Dengue Test

Your blood is examined as part of a dengue fever test to look for signs that you may have the disease. There are two main types of dengue blood testing. The first searches for viruses, while the second looks for antiviral antibodies. To combat foreign invaders like viruses, your immune system makes proteins called antibodies.

Dengue Test Center In Dombivli

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